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How to Play the Game

Join the Time Detectives Team and help save the world!

Sort events into their correct order with unique fast paced puzzles. Play the Solo Story to capture nefarious villains and unscramble the timeline.

Competition is core!

Challenge your friends via text, email, or social media to see who is the fastest Time Detective! Check to see your score on the Time Detectives Leader board.

Nefarious villains are scrambling the past!

As long as Dr. Know is free no one is safe. The Time Detectives™ are on a constant pursuit unscrambling all the events that evil doers like Dr. Know and Winston Scoundrel scramble for their own malicious purposes.

Hundreds of Events to Unscramble!

All of history is in danger and this means there will always be new events for you to unscramble and challenge your friends with! Look out for bonus puzzles with fun and surprising topics. The Time Detectives™ game has hundreds of events. New card packs with whole new sets of events will be released soon!

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